Question And Answer

1. What kind of products are produced and distributed by Healthway C.T.M.L., Inc.?
Answer: There are two categories or lines of dietary supplemental products produced and distributed by Healthway C.T.M.L., Inc.

2. According to the functional property, what two major areas of products are produced by Healthway?
Answer: One major area of products are emphasizing on general health, another major area of products are emphasizing on the anti-aging and rejuvenation.

3. What products are involved in the general health areas?
Answer: Such products include Prenorex, Colon-Ease, Absorb-It, Tower of Power, Full Cup, and Ultraliv.

4. What products are involved in anti-aging and rejuvenation?
Answer: Those anti-aging products include Rejuvenal Plus and Aquaelix (Activated Energy Water).

5. What main ingredients are in Prenorex? What is its major function?
Answer: Prenorex contains several vitamins and minerals. Its major purpose is to enhance blood circulation, but also enhance brain function and immune system, and increase vitality and vigor.

6. What main ingredients are found in Colon-Ease? What is its major function?
Answer: Colon-Ease contains several botanical extracts. Its major function is to facilitate the elimination of waste, toxins, and excessive mucoid plaque from the colon.

7. What main ingredients are in Absorb-It? What is its major function?
Answer: Absorb-It contains several plant enzymes such as bromelain and cellulase. Its major function is to help the digestion of food.

8. What main ingredients are in Tower of Power? What is its major function?
Answer: The main ingredients in Tower of Power are Avena Sativa, Damiana, Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, and Siberian Ginseng. Its major function is for male virility.

9. What main ingredients are in Full Cup? What is its major function?
Answer: The main ingredients in Full Cup are Avena sativa, Dong Quai Leaf, Wild Yam Root, Fennel Seed Fruit, Dandelion Root, Watercress Leaf, and Motherí»s Wort. Its major function is to promote breast growth.

10. What main ingredients are in Ultraliv? What is its major function?
Answer: Ultraliv contains several vitamins and minerals. Its major function is to promote liver health. Ultraliv supplies the necessary factors to support maximum liver nutrition including the vital metabolism.

11. What are the major functions for Aquaelix (Activated Energy Water)?
Answer: The major functions of Aquaelix are to enhance cellular hydration and nutrient transport, increase energy, improve healing ability, and increase vitality and vigor.

12. What is Vifaceious? What main ingredients are in Vifaceious? What is its major function?
Answer: Vifaceious is all natural face cream. The main ingredients in Vifaceious are Castor Bean Oil Extract, Emu Oil, Aloe Oil, Vegewax, Orange Oil, and Tocotrienol Oil. Its major function is to enhance elasticity of facial skin.

13. What main ingredients are in Rejuvenal Plus? What is its major function?
Answer: Rejuvenal Plus contains multiple polypeptide with a molecular weight of 22000 gm/mole, its polypeptide chain 191 Amino Acids. Its major function is rejuvenation and regeneration.

14. What is Human Growth Hormone?
Answer: The human growth hormone, or HGH, is secreted by the anterior lobe of our pituitary gland in our brain. When HGH is absorbed by our liver, a raft of growth factors is produced, the most important of growth factors is IGF-1 which is responsible for the repair, rebuild, and rejuvenation of our cells, tissues, and organs. The level of HGH is highest at teens and adolescence but unfortunately, after the age of 20, HGH starts to decline at an average rate of 14% every 10 years. The decline of HGH leads to rapid catabolic, or break down, activities. That is why people age.

15. Why is HGH called the Master Hormone?
Answer: HGH is the master hormone because it regulates all other hormones to achieve a balanced state called homeostasis. Failure to maintain the state of homeostasis will lead to the loss of energy, loss of muscle mass by gaining fat, loss hair, loss skin tone, reduced immunity, loss memory and other degenerative consequences we call aging.

16. How does HGH help in losing weight?
Answer: HGH help in losing weight by (a) break down of fat cells (b) increase receptors of cells for more efficient fat burning called lipolysis (c) neutralize the effect of insulin. Insulin will enhance the accumulation of fat in tissues.

17. How to increase energy, build muscle and increase vitality?
Answer: HGH promotes protein synthesis, repair cells, DNA & RNA leading to muscle growth that leads to higher performance, energy, and vitality.

18. How does HGH help reduce wrinkles, recover the smoothness and suppleness of our skin to when we were young?
Answer: Free radicals destroy collagen and elastin causing wrinkles. HGH retards free radicals and enhances the synthesis of the two proteins. Also, HGH retains the extra-cellular water through the help of kidney. More extra-cellular water means more suppleness. HGH helps to eliminate old age spot (Lipofusin) which is waste material left by damaged cells caused by free radicals. Resultsí¬ younger looking skin.

19. How does HGH improve our immunity, help fight diseases and the dreaded cancer?
Answer: Regrowth of Thymus gland--- more T cells to fight diseases; more natural killer cells to fight cancer. Mention rapid degeneration of Thymus after age 12.

20. How does HGH increase bone density and prevent Osteoporosis?
Answer: HGH enhances the growth of osteoblasts, cells responsible for bone growth. HGH also enhances the use of vitamin D and calcium by osteoblast cells, thereby increasing bone density.

21. How does HGH improve our sleep pattern?
Answer: When our body regains homeostasis, all body rhythms, including slow wave sleep is enhanced. You will sleep like a rock, waking up early, blazing through the day with energy and confidence because your mood is elevated and your attitude is forward looking.

22. How does HGH improve memory and learning?
Answer: There have been many clinical reports confirming this: (a) HGH promotes regeneration of blood vessels. (b) HGH repairs damaged neurons. (c) HGH enhances the production of Acetycholine, the chemical needed for transmitting message among brain cells.

23. How does HGH improve our cardiovascular system, lower cholesterol, lower plasma triglycerides and lower blood pressure?
Answer: HGH enhances the breakdown of LDL in liver. HGH increases receptors in liver for LDL metabolism.

24. How does HGH heighten Libido, stamina and endurance?
Answer: When our body returns to homeostasis, we are, in essence, return to our Physical condition when we were at the prime age. As such, our sex drive, stamina and endurance, all goes back to the stage when we were young.

25. Can HGH cause cancer?
Answer: Since 1958 and in the curse of 40 plus years, there have been over 15,000 articles and publications on clinical studies on supplemental use of HGH. There was not even one report referring to any cancer causing effect of HGH.

26. Is there any potential problem or side effect from HGH injection?
Answer: Depending on the individual, the injection amount is usually between 300,000 ng to 1,000,000 ng. While this high dosage is very effective in the realization of all the benefits we talked about, some patients do experience some joint stiffness, carpel tunnel syndrome and excess water retention. Now, these side effects are caused by very high dosage and can be reversed once the dosage is lowered. There is one side effect we should be concerned with is that the high dosage could result in giving the brain a wrong signal that our pituitary may stop releasing HGH altogether. However, Rejuvenal Plus contains the bio-active ingredient that will offer the similar benefits without the side effects and that it is cost effective and no needle.